Friday, March 13, 2009

Kelly Clarkson Didn't Get Fat - She Got Un-Skinny

I have to voice my opinion. I LOVE Kelly Clarkson and I feel so bad for her right now with all the ridicule about her weight. And we'll throw Jessica Simpson into that catagory as well. Gosh, they are what now...a size 6/8. BOO HOO!!!!! Holy cow why is the media so mean?! She is back to what she was when she was first on Idol.

There is an awesome article with the title of this thread as it's title. I think Kelly takes it with a grain of salt and moves on. I'm so glad she isn't influenced by the media and she is just same 'ol her. LOVE IT! GO KELLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! However, who is dressing you lately girl? Not so cute. With all that money and success, you could have some bangin' clothes woman!

BTW-if you haven't heard her new song, 1) Where have you been? and 2) I stake claims to it by dedicating it to Drew. ;) My life would suck with you babe!!!


Jen said...

No kidding about the unreal body images in Hollywood!! Drives me crazy!

Morgan and Derek said...

I love her whole new album. LOVE IT! And I think she's still hot, and Derek has a crush on her. :)

The Ditts Fam said...

I think I have a crush on her. ;) I'm totally going to buy her new album!